Bottle Glorifier for bar use OEM/ODM International trade company

Sunny Gift & Promotion Company, established in 1998, located in Dongguan, China – the world’s manufacturing center, is a leading company to supply a wide range of promotional premiums, barware and signs.

Thanks for our professional merchandisers, creative designers, critical inspection staff and reliable supply chain, we had been able to provide a wide range of promotion items to satisfy our clients like Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Carlsberg, Corona, P&G etc.

Just contact us for more information, we will take care of your Bottle Glorifier OEM/ODM projects.

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We have done lots of perfect ODM jobs

Thanks to our experienced R & D and sourcing teams,we have done lots of perfect Beer Bottle Opener ODM jobs. Why not send us your ideas ? We look forward to making your dreams come true.


SUNNY GIFT & PROMOTION COMPANY, established in 1998, located in Dongguan City – the world’s manufacturing center. With 12-year experience,we has become a pioneer in promotional premiums and sign industry.

Sunny Gift specializes in handling OEM/ODM orders, including gifts, electronics, POS, illuminants, barware products and so on. With help of our strong sourcing team, critical QC staff and innovative R&D department, we’re not only offering a wide range of products but also product development and quality assurance.

Our slogan, “Be Professional, Be Successful”, motivates us every minute forward to our goal, we are committed to provide innovative, customized products and services to create long-term value and potential growth for you.

Just fax or email your inquiries to us, we will take care of all detail for you. Please call for more information when you need us.

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LED Polyresin Bottle Glorifier for bar use

LED Polyresin Bottle Glorifier for bar use



Custom shape poured polyresin bottle glorifier, bottle up-lit by internal LED in base.

Size: 5″(Dia.) x 4″(H)

Material: Polyresin

Special Features: Fitted to any shape with polyresin

Installation: Desk mounting

Power: UL or CE certificate adapter

Packing: Individually boxed

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Like This Kind Of Shoes

Today, I want to introduce several personally appreciate the 2016 satin bridal shoes wedding shoes sexy red high with fine wi high heels, I hope you will like.

I like the color of this pair of 2016 new round with sandals and slippers word drag rough with sh high-heeled shoes, looks gentle, elegant, with jeans or wear are very good-looking, and now with the popular wide-leg pants very match, the back, high fine with very sexy.

Sexy 2016 new arrival women’s sandals in summer with woman high-heeled sandals, wearing it to attend the party, we will certainly cause everyone’s attention.

The same is the red high heels, but this section will look stylish and stable, compared to a pair of high heels, I prefer this pair of 2016 Flats shallow mouth diamond shoes size shoes with flat empt, even with these pairs of high heels are very shorts look very comfortable.

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Fashion High Heels

The Black Suede Peep Toe Lace Up Sandals vamp bright and beautiful, giving a feast for the eyes of the feeling, style novel design, do not fall into the cliche, curved upper structure design, giving a scattered the United States, with black tights, sexy and sexy personality elegant.

This PINA COLADA SANDALS high-heeled shoes with a velvet, in warm warm this one do not have to worry about, and the upper line of scattered and orderly, the overall structure is quite a line of the United States, especially diamond embellishment, which shows the luxury side, but also highlights the Sexy soft side of women, this high-heeled shoes for the most sexy woman wearing.

This Nearlynude Suede City Sandal Blue, whether it is color design, or style sketches, gives a fresh feel, pointed toe, fine leather, stylish and noble and luxurious, especially for long-legged woman wearing.

Wine red color, simple shape design, so that this high heels that smart fashion and colorful, especially the silver pattern decoration, revealing the noble side of luxury, the whole paragraph Free People Sun Seeker Tall Gladiator Sandal Dark Charcoal give a relaxed and pleasant taste, this absolute Is a casual girl’s favorite.

Red High Heel Platform Sandals, although very pleasing, but also need a harmonious mix in order to shine, then, how wine red shoes with it? Here to teach you wine red shoes with skills, serious study, the package you change every second people.

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Temperament Of The Shoes

Praise the woman the most perfect word is temperament, then, how can the real temperament? It depends on whether you wear Kirsten Dunst Black Suede Bow Embellished Sandals. We often entangled what shoes look good, in fact, the following several pointed sandals is very good, there are flat with high-heeled, you can meet your needs, the key it is essential for summer single product.

Has entered the summer, a variety of sandals have begun to market, and the face of Kate Hudson Peep-Toe Too-Blade Platform Pumps of sandals on the market style, is not do not know what kind of pick it? In fact, this summer is the most popular tip sandals, pointed sandals , Not only thin legs, but also in the visual effect of stovepipe, whether you mix skirts or pants, can wear clothing with fashion sense.

This Demi Lovato Baroque Black Suede Platform Sandals is made of suede, not only breathable, but also very comfortable, coupled with sweet bow design, more romantic, non-slip rubber sole and breathable inside design, not only better fit the skin of the feet, but also It is very stylish, sharp toe, both modified foot type, but also highlights the elegance of elegance elegance.

But also very comfortable, with a sweet bow design, the more romantic atmosphere, non-slip rubber base and breathable inside design, not only more fit the skin of the feet, but also appears to be very fashionable, Carrie Underwood Geometric Embellished Platform Sandals,Pointed toe, both modified foot type, but also highlights the elegance of elegance and elegance.

This is the most popular this summer with Brittany Snow Myex Strappy Sandal, the original small tip, not only significant feet small, but also to a certain extent, play the effect of stovepipe. Inside the use of ultra-good permeability of the pigskin material, has a good breathability, care of women from the soles of the feet!

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This Pair Of High Heels For Today To Wear It

If you do not wear Christian Louboutin Follies Cabo Black Suede Pump high heels, then do not say you are a woman. The most feminine wine red line, to go out with the customer negotiations, wearing a black too rigid, too light to wear light, then to a pair of wine red high heels, and able to calm the atmosphere. If you do not know what color to wear shoes, then wear a black bar, years will not go wrong with a single product, you can hold all the occasions.

If you wear a super hot hot pants, or outline the beautiful body type bandage skirt, with a pair of Valentino WATERCOLOR ROCKSTUD ANKLE STRAP Slingback Pumps can be sexy doubled. Gui honey shopping, one to a pair of shiny thin high-heeled, like the youth of the years is always shining.

See the parents of ROMY 100 Pink and Bordeaux Dégradé Coarse Glitter Fabric Pointy Toe Pumps high heels, soft water, nice girl look easy to build.

Put on this pink and tender colors will not help feel Meng Meng da, out of the street or dating these Makalong color is a good choice. If the clothes color is relatively simple and low-key, you can come to a pair of ROX 85 Black Suede Crystal Covered Peep Toe Pumps to brighten the body, clever suction eyes.

If you are not ladies Fan children, nor wild children, but the avant-garde fashion of the new trendy people, then a pair of ROMY 100 Navy Flannel and Patent Pointy Toe Pumps with Embellished Badges high heels can match your strength.

ROMY 100 Navy and Silver Coarse Glitter Degradé Pointy Toe Pumps and leopard pattern similar to the feeling, but a little less wild, more than a trace of the charm of a mature woman.

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Shop the Gorgeous Heels For the Wedding day or party events

A beautiful REN 100 Silver Mirror Leather Sandals high heels, bright colors mixed with dull colors, a unique beauty from the shoes in the wells, very people like. Simple ankle buckle joined the metal elements, so simple and bright shoes instantly up, heel of the Liu nail embellishment, adding a bit of street feeling.

Girls not only wear REN 85 Black Suede Sandals high heels, but also to know how to manage it! Follow my footsteps to see, thin heels of the most fashionable summer wear look. Temperament small black skirt, shoulder bow design, simple temperament, short paragraph version design, small feminine, with a pair of red high heels sandals, but also bring out the ladies ladies temperament.

Very much like a skirt, dough veil texture, chest diamond drill embellishment, the United States to the explosion ah! With the same color fine REN 85 Pop Yellow Suede Sandals heels, noble and elegant sense. Loose elegant flowers wild shirt with matching color package hip skirt, with hit color word rivet decorative thin high-heeled sandals, very temperament of the summer fashion look.

Sexy short umbilical short vest with a tassel lace skirt, full of ladies Fan, with a pair of Ponder Red Satin Pump high heels, prop up the overall sense of gas field. Very feminine a strapless dress, super-red, really beautiful, with thin pointed high-heeled shoes, bring out the elegant temperament. Naked pink pointed high heels is the most beautiful woman to reflect the United States and shoes, and with a fairy-like white evening dress, the Xianqi most vividly demonstrated, but also cover the nasty fat, fat girl dress was thin, Exquisite hand bag with, modeling also followed become elegant.

Ponder Black Satin Pump high heels, random mix will be very wild, dressing or color to spend a little thought, a white shirt with shorts or skirt, revealing slender legs, modeling moment becomes eye-catching, take a black wool Coats, the whole shape to achieve the effect of visual thin, fat girl is also suitable for the match.

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Wholesale and drop shipping Simple Pump

DYNAMIC life in mind, action can rely on the body, no shoes, is totally unacceptable. Many candidates for conventional models wild shoes preferred that such a choice is more convenient. But life there must be an exception, not only conventional Private Number 120 mm back models. A unique style of a few pairs of shoes, can often play a finishing touch, we will give you the overall shape plus luster.

Flaming is like every woman wants to try the same makeup, red footwear, too, it is the United States was so enthusiastic publicity, moreish. Fashion tip design, wearing more comfortable rough with the smooth, firmly Hold allows you to live beautiful.

Comfortable personality, it must have a new pair of Private Number 120 mm nude label. And flat shoes photographed absolute frequency is the highest, any occasion wear. High-quality leather is responsible to bring us more breathable wearing experience, not the lack of simple shapes, so that the shoes have a high cost.

Who says girls locomotive must be cool, sweet and to be another of her demeanor, gentle and sweet pink, delicate wound buckle, delicate slim shoes, all to satisfy your sweet heart sinking, the pursuit, plus classic and ankle length, both unique and wild oh.

Want to wear clothing with high cold Fan, how little a pair of high fashion cool Senora “Matilda” N°2 100 mm. Simple smooth lines retro British Lunfan own, unique color with a distinctive mix of results, as long as you know how to deliberately weaken the dress, it can certainly shine.

Who has white shoes, white shoes, but you have enough to type it? For larger foot girl, white shoes may be your flawed, because the color’s sake,Simple Pump 100 mm blackalways look bigger than the black shoes with the money, let this pair of white shoes to solve your trouble now .

Shoes can also be very theatrical, take a look at this pair of flat shoes, handmade twine, so that the shoes more sense of style, tone seemed dyed shades of Aging, which just enough color green paper are the association’s half-day a. Coupled with a wait time of dress, absolutely full of art range.

A pair of embroidered boots, the slightest slightest rustic luxury. Exquisite embroidery to evoke dreams of yesterday, well satisfied to Melaleuca bring is comfortable wearing experience. Such a pair of boots national wind strong, unique enough personality to your brilliant autumn time.

Simple Pump 100 mm nude, there is not seen with exquisite embossed? Beautiful embossed to the tough Martin boots brought some fine soft texture, adding the already pointed fashion, elegance overflowing out. The pursuit of extraordinary, so more unique.

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Wholesale and drop shaipping Milla

With the wave of popular movement, when those young accompany us through muddyDemi You 100 mm red and another landed on a hill back to the line of sight. Shoes shoes canvas shoes, when really every day leave the comfort of the foot, can young we are often do not know how to cherish, and comfort those who can not wait to throw away, in the world of knitting high Hentian dream life. Better to let Hentian high column teams, welcome again to our sporty, share bounce back childhood joy.

Open winter mode you are not in addition to boots or boots, long or short, thin or thick with with, though enormous, but always less so little taste, it may be getting cold in this season, put on a pair of running shoes, together with the other half in the morning or in the winter when the sun sets show some affection.

Feet show affection and much more low-key than lovers much suction eye, wear the Demi You 70 mm, to travel together, traveled the same road, saw a different view, to the substitution love story in this sense the same. Running each other, more and more comfortable fit love is like basketball shoes, with your feet close relative ride.

One effort is hidden heel party are keen sports a single product, the girls have strong love for high heels to be added, although it is only a few centimeters in height, but it is caused by a unique self-confidence. Color classic simplicity of black and white how are engaging ride.

Since there are classic black and Dorispiky 120 mm, natural and ultimately, this fire red and black of the collision, round the shoes are full of student records playground carnival full of memories, lively, especially when the love of shoes, can not buffer Usually like elastic ball jumping tap was not.

Fifi Sling 100 mm black are also sporty shoes explosion models installed in it, can be high or low is intimate place this upper canvas shoes, canvas shoes, have both soft and comfortable, but also carries the shape of boots for your outfit by a touch of color, is a rare and unique.

Canvas shoes always looks around what kinds? You can find in the vast number of those with the money are not the same. Favorite color than the replacement transformation, but only the color change is not enough for us to meet with changing requirements, more chic are essential ingredients preference shoes jagged side, but it is more love shoes the edge of that circle knitting, retro in the moment.

Within the Fifi Sling 100 mm nude is how they are unable to meet the goddess of appetite, unable to stop one of the natural platform shoes sneakers are also people, loosely soft thick soles, like flying up the mood at all, so bohemian love freedom, sports shoes exclusive beauty.

Choose shoes focus on comfort, followed by style. Comfortable sports shoes for all to see, so the question is, what kind of style best suited How about you? Xiao Bian recommended such a variety of shoes in the United States seems very nice per pair, each pair can write a story, but not each pair had to take home, shoes color, decoration, material, etc. with your existing Lady Peep Sling 150 mm fit equipment cabinet has become the key, select never blind.

Finally, the last, most should not forget the inevitable white shoes is a major fashion bloggers heartstrings, an actress who is not one of the most crash. So many people still wear fire to not work, not only comfortable to wear good, there are more easy to take, the length of the ages, and can be divided skirts, simple but not simple, so you start from the feet beauty.

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